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Proptech Valve has landed $4.5m (£3.94m) in seed funding led by Project A for its flexible working management software.

Founded in 2019, Valve’s software provides property managers sales tools, inventory management, market data and online booking platforms for flexible workspaces.

It is aimed at landlords, operators, brokerages and tech entrepreneurs.

“Valve’s unified system meets a logical need for all industry players in the flexible workspace ecosystem to have one place to streamline how they partner and grow revenues together,” said Nick Roveta, CEO, Valve.

With the seed funding Valve looks to grow across North America and the EMEA region.

Valve is looking to capture a slice of the flexible workspace rental market valued at $30bn (£26.3bn) and is estimated to be worth $300bn (£263.6bn) by 2030.

Tom Pilkington, head of online markets, UK, JLL said: “Valve’s data and technology solution enable JLL to attract more occupiers to our market-leading services, access co-working and flexible inventory, and efficiently process flexible workspace.”

The company says it already manages over 10,000 buildings in more than 250 cities for 170+ users. It has offices in London and New York.

Seed funding also came from Discovery Ventures.

Roveta added: “Valve makes it easy for companies building flexible workspace businesses – whether you are a landlord, operator, brokerage, application or tech entrepreneur.”

Jarvo, another workplace renting platform, crowdfunded over £360,000 via its Seedrs crowdfunding campaign last month.