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Tech worker maximum wages have climbed by as much as 30% since last year despite a negative economic outlook, new research as found.

According to a report from the tech recruitment agency Aspire, even though a number of high-profile firms have had to announce layoffs this year – including Benevolent AI, Just Eat, and Deliveroo – the wider trend for tech workers could be more positive.

“The tech sector has gone through a difficult period over the last 18 months, with widespread redundancies at big-name firms. But steady salary growth across key roles looks like the first green shoots of recovery – a welcome sign for employers and candidates alike,” said Aspire’s global managing director Terry Payne.

Aspire’s research on the tech wage ranges for roles like QA engineers, data analysts and junior UX and UI designers found that the majority had increased within a range of 7% to 30%.

Payne said: “Lay-offs across the industry mean there are plenty of highly skilled candidates on the market. Employers with ambitions to grow beyond the struggles of the last year can attract these workers by offering competitive salaries.”

Of the 15 roles analysed, only one had experienced a salary decrease compared to the previous year. Mid-level UX and UI designers have seen their maximum earning potential fall by 10%.