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Fitness dating platform FITFCK has received an undisclosed investment from Tim Stokely, the founder of content subscription platform OnlyFans.

FITFCK says that the OnlyFans founder’s investment puts the business at a valuation of more than £3m.

Jamie Wykes-Hobday founded FITFCK – pronounced “Fit-eff-see-kay” – after he was dumped by his girlfriend weeks before competing in a bodybuilding competition.

The app aims to connect people through their shared interest in fitness and to meet via social or training events.

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to invest in FITFCK,” said Stokely, who sold his majority stake in the predominantly adult content platform in 2018. “Having known Jamie for over three years now, his vision, drive and determination coupled with the brand concept is something that I fully believe in and I am looking forward to seeing it realise its global potential as a multi-level consumer brand.”

Jamie Wykes-Hobday said: “I am thrilled that Tim has decided to invest in FITFCK. “Finding an investor is one thing but finding one who has scaled his own startup into a multi-billion dollar global business is extremely rare and very valuable.

“I know Tim’s confidence in the business will significantly help us realise FITFCK‘s potential as a global consumer brand.”

Based in London, FITFCK’s app is planned to launch in November, along with its next event.

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