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Remote workplace renting platform Jarvo has raised more than £360,000 through its Seedrs crowdfunding campaign.

Jarvo, self-described as the “Airbnb for work”, provides remote workers access to nearby working spaces that can be rented inside of people’s homes.

“The traditional office space is dead, and while co-working spaces have opened up a world of collaboration, they also bring a host of challenges with them. They’re rigid, expensive and require lengthy commutes which people are just not prepared to do anymore,” said Daniel Hillman, founder, Jarvo.

Founded in 2021, Jarvo will use its new funding to expand the platform into other areas, with 36% of its waiting list in the US.

Daniel came up with the idea for Jarvo as he couldn’t find any workspaces outside of cities and did not want to miss time with his daughter as a result of long commutes.

Hillman said: “The future of work needs is one which is decentralised, diverse and truly sustainable – something which consumers are also championing.”

Jarvo claims that it already has 1,000 homeowners and more than 13,500 users on the waiting list.

Seedrs is a crowdfunding platform that provides investors with equity and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Other recent crowdfunds through Seedrs include fintech Currensea’s £1.35m raise last month and menswear fashion platform Spoke raised £5m in June.

Last year Seedrs was acquired by the US fintech Republic for £75m, after a blocked merger with Crowdcube.