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Noala, a platform that provides access to speech and language professionals for speech therapy, has secured $4m (£3.5m) in an oversubscribed seed funding round.

Based in London, Noala aims to speed up access to speech and language treatment. Its online platform begins with an assessment before providing interactive exercises and weekly video calls with speech professionals. The traditional speech therapy process can take months or years, according to the startup.

Emilie Spire, founder, Noala said: “Speech and language professionals do an amazing and vital job helping both children and adults improve their communication skills, unlock new opportunities and find their voice so that they can thrive.

“Yet they’re attempting to do so in the face of increasing demand, cuts and poor resources.”

Communication Access UK says that approximately 20% experience communication problems in their lives.

Spire came up with the idea for the platform after seeing the effects of a communication disorder on her niece, who suffered a stroke before she was born.

LocalGlobe led the Noala seed round with further investment from Cocoa Ventures alongside angles Nicolas Brusson (BlaBlaCar), Josefin Landgard (Kry), Adrien Nussenbaum (Mirakl), Xavier Louis (Peak), amongst others.

“Emilie and her team at Noala are on a mission to make speech and language therapy mainstream,” said Julia Hawkins, general partner, LocalGlobe.

“Leveraging their digital platform, they aim to reduce the friction usually associated with accessing speech and language therapy treatment,” added Hawkins.

Noala currently operates in the UK and US.