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The government has allocated £9.4m in funding from its Longer Duration Energy Storage competition to Nottingham-based Cheesecake Energy.

Cheesecake Energy will use the government funding to install its energy storage solution as a microgrid in Colchester to help with local grid limitations.

University of Nottingham spinout Cheesecake Energy’s installation will collect energy made by a solar farm with a capacity of 8MW and a central heat pump that supplies a district heat pump network.

“This funding will also help CEL as we build a global partner network that will work with us to manufacture, deploy and service our systems,” said Paul Harris, CEO of Cheesecake Energy.

Its eTankers store electricity by using electric motors to drive compressors that push high-pressure air and heat into storage vessels.

The compressor releases the air and heat from the storage containers to create electricity through a generator.

Minister for energy security and net zero, Graham Stuart, said: “Storing energy for longer periods is vital to build a robust and secure energy system and ensure that renewable energy is used efficiently.”

Previously speaking to UKTN, the startup said it was expecting to raise a £10m+ Series A round later this year.

The latest funding comes shortly after Cheesecake Energy’s £3.5m pre-series A round in August.