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Investment services company Channel Capital Advisors has launched a $300m (£270m) fintech lending strategy to support digital loan platforms.

The first $100m (£90m) tranche of the strategy from the asset manager will be immediately deployed to fintech lenders that need additional capital to provide financing to SMEs.

The UK firm will initially deploy the finances through European and North American lending platforms.

“The investment into our Fintech Lending Fund is a significant step forward for Channel – it will see us work closely with other digital platforms to facilitate loans for SMEs that are faster, simpler, and don’t dilute their business,” said Paul Wilson, chief investment officer at Channel. 

“The backing our fund has received underlines investors’ growing appetite within the fintech lending space. Moreover, it’s a clear demonstration of the trust investors have in Channel’s track record of managing their investments.”

Channel CEO Walter Gontarek added: “We have been tirelessly enhancing our own digital lending capabilities and have exciting developments coming in that space.

“Meanwhile, the sizeable investment into our Fintech Lending Fund will see us work with a greater number of tech-powered lending platforms, firstly in Europe and North America, to see capital deployed at pace to the global SME community.”